So, why am I located at Spark?

The moment I first stepped foot into Spark I fell in love with the space. It’s unreal! There’s beautiful artwork all around the building that’s breath taking. The people that work here are incredibly welcoming and add to the community feel of the building. It’s a hidden gem that I want everyone to see and experience.

When the owners of Spark the Branding Shop first moved in at the beginning of 2016, they saw how incredible the space was and they wanted to expand and try something new. They decided to add a co-working space for creative like-minded businesses that would compliment theirs- and that’s where I come in.

I knew this would be the perfect space to start up my massage therapy business. The building is beautiful, bright and has a calming atmosphere which is important for my clients. I take great pride in bringing my clients to Spark.

I love working here and it’s a space that I’m proud to call my own!