Corporate Chair Massage

Staff Appreciation: 

This is the best way to show your staff that you appreciate and recognize the effort that they put into their work. How about treating them to a massage and have a health and wellness day! Your staff will be relaxed, recharged, and ready to get back to work feeling refreshed.

Client Appreciation:

What’s a client appreciation party without a massage therapist on site? You want to remind your clients what a fabulous company you are, why they chose to do business with you, and that you truly appreciate them and the relationships you’ve made. Your clients will love it, you’ll look like a rockstar, and they’ll talk about that party for years and say how amazing it was.


Need help finding ways to raise money for your fundraiser? Add chair massage to the event! I helped out at the “Help Whip Cancer” event to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer in May of 2017. People loved that I was there to provide massages and donate the money I earned to their fundraiser. It was a huge success and everyone had so much fun!

Reasons why you should hire me for your next event:

  • You’re supporting a local small business.
  • Your staff and clients will love it.
  • Your event will stand out from everyone elses
  • It’s a win win for everyone!
Our organization, Sherwood Care, recently contracted Jordan to provide massage for one of our corporate wellness events. Jordan was professional, respectful, punctual and excellent at her craft. Jordan was portable, had her own massage chair which was great. When trying to maximize an event like this, having a chair for a 15 minute massage is more practical, with greater staff response, than having a traditional massage table.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jordan for a corporate wellness/massage event.
Kathy Fortunat

Director of Care, Sherwood Care

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