Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Treatment

It’s important that you seek treatment right away once you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Even though you might seem fine now, you don’t know what kind of effect it can have on you later in life when it comes to chronic pain. I’ve seen clients that have been in a MVA years before and it still effects them to this day and they still have to get treatment done. That’s why it’s best for you to fix it now, rather than wait later so that way you can continue to live your life pain free.

Steps on how to receive MVA treatment:

  • Go get an initial assessment done by either: a medical doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor.
  • Get your AB-1, your report of accident and injury, and AB-2, initial assessment from medical doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor, sent in to your insurance company. AB-1 within 10 days of your accident.
  • If you’re a WAD 1 (Whiplash associated disorder) and there’s no signs of limitation of motion, ligamentous injury or nerve injury, you get up to 10 treatments.
  • WAD 2 and there’s signs of limitation of motion, no ligamentous injury or nerve damage or WAD 3 and there’s signs of limitation of motion, some ligamentous injury, and neurological findings may be present, then you’re eligible for up to 21 treatments.
  • Anything involving severe nerve damage or fracture is out of scope and should seek physicians care.
  • For the 21 treatments it can be a combination of all or either massage, chiropractor or physiotherapy treatments. The type of treatment can be discussed during your initial assessment.
  • Direct billing is available for most insurance companies.


When do you get to have a massage? That will be dependent on what your initial assessment shows and what kind of injuries you got from the accident. Whoever you’re getting treatment from, they will decide if you’re ready to be getting massage treatment.

Where do I find a great chiropractor or physiotherapist?

If you need a recommendation to professionals that deal with MVA’s, here’s the partners that I work with that I highly recommend that are close by to my clinic for your convenience!

Dr. Mike Burns is a chiropractor from The Bridge- Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy. He’s more than just a chiropractor. He really gets down to finding the root of the problem, not only through adjustments but he can also do Acupuncture, IMS, Graston and Active Release. Mike and the team at The Bridge will provide you with proper care, thorough assessments and techniques to help you with your MVA treatments.

Cindy Coneen is a physiotherapist and owner of Global Physiotherapy. She has over 30 years of experience treating motor vehicle injuries and also offers out of protocol treatments if you do not resolve your accident injuries during the first 3 months after the collision. At Global Physiotherapy, the team of three physiotherapists offer advanced manual therapy, medical acupuncture, laser and regenerative photon therapy to relieve pain and promote tissue healing as well as exercises.

Where do I go take my car to get it fixed after a collision?

I highly recommend Fix Auto in Sherwood Park. They’re a family run business that’s honest and takes pride in their quality of service. They’re able to work with most insurance companies and their staff will be able to take care of your car- while we take care of you!

For more information on how to receive MVA Treatment call Jordan today!