Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is focusing on working on the problem area(s) that you might have. It’s working deeper into the muscle to get out the knots, break up any scar tissue so that the muscle can release and continue to heal and perform the action that it’s suppose to do. This type of massage is best for people that have a current/previous injuries and it’s limiting their range of motion or they’re in pain and not sure how to get it back to normal. It’s also great for people that have chronic pain. Depending on how chronic the pain is or how it got to that state, massage can help alleviate some, if not most of the pain so you can continue to do every day activities pain free. Therapeutic massage is also good for people that just need to keep up with maintenance, meaning they come in about once a month just to work out the knots and get everything back to moving they way it should.

Who can benefit from therapeutic massage?

  • Physically demanding jobs such as trade jobs.
  • Desk job workers
  • Athletes or anyone that’s active
  • People involved in motor vehicle accidents (with minor whiplash and soft tissue injuries)
  • Anyone with current/previous injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • People looking to keep up with maintenance
  • Anyone with tight muscles

I’m a tradesman who works his body hard. My line of work means a lot of lifting and working at arms length and this has given me problems with my lower back. I have in the past took to a hot bath and used some A535- this only gives a minimum effect. If you have muscle soreness or strain you should really go see Jordan. She is highly professional and really unknots your aches and pains. If you think you do not have the time- make the time! You and your well being are worth it. Great work Jordan and thanks again.

Darren Kingstree

Plumber, Kingstree Plumbing