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I met Jordan at our networking meeting and was impressed with her energy, wit, and presentations of her massage therapy profession. When she moved locations and went on her own at Spark, I wanted to try her cupping therapy because of my back and shoulder issues. I did not hesitate to give her a chance to help. Her new office is very well planned to create a comfortable healing space and she impressed me very much with her knowledge, experience and caring methods making me feel at ease, while keeping me smiling with her calming conversations.  

I have been improving with every treatment from Jordan and look forward to every treatment. Her rates are reasonable and she is a breath of fresh air to visit on a weekly bases.

Please give Jordan a call to schedule a treatment. I know I deserve to be pain free and going to JH Massage Therapy is a step in the right direction.

Thank you Jordan for all your caring and expertise.

Rene Morin

Commercial Condo Cleaner, Triple C Commercial Condo Cleaning

Jordan is a great massage therapist. I have seen her a couple of times and was very pleased.

She takes the time to find out what you really want and need.

Jordan is very skilled and professional. Coupled with her caring and compassion and a fun sense of humour.

I would recommend Jordan to anyone wanting a great massage!

Mario Maier

I would like to start by saying thank you for the amazing massage. I have been going to Jordan for about 6 months now and she is outstanding. Jordan is friendly, kind and has an obvious passion for massage therapy. She has helped me with my lower back issues, and most of all the tension in my shoulders and upper back. After a massage with Jordan you feel light and happy. Just ready to take on the world! I would recommend Jordan to anyone who needs a good deep tissue, or a nice relaxing massage as she does both! Jordan has amazing hands and a big heart. I am glad I had met her and will continue to see her and refer her to anybody in need of a good massage.

Maria Spadafora

Insurance Advisor, MHK Insurance

JH Massage Therapy is everything you need after a long, hard day of work!
Anytime I’ve gone there I’ve been so at ease, that the time flies by too fast.
The welcoming space, the friendly conversation, and relaxing atmosphere; I can’t wait to book my next appointment!
Bill Toma

Owner, Sherwood Flooring/Bonfide Renovation and Building Centre

I’ve been to see Jordan a few times during my pregnancy for her pregnancy massage service. Every time I have left feeling utterly relaxed and free of the aches and pains that go along with being pregnant. I’m so happy to have heard of this business when I did, it has definitely made being pregnant a lot more comfortable!

Sarah Kenning

Working with Jordan is a real treat! From the moment you walk in to her space you feel warm and at ease – which is important to me when it comes to such services as massages and cupping.

I have always been picky where I get my massages but have found a new home with Jordan. I always leave feeling fresh and relaxed after my service and I know that it was money well spent.

Jordan is personable, punctual, and a professional. I would recommend her to my friends, family, and clients!

Thanks for the great work Jordan.

Nichola Elise

Realtor, RE/MAX River City, Coffee to Keys™

As the owner of Aradia Fitness, I understand that massage is highly beneficial for my wellbeing and continuous strenuous physical activity – also including crossfit. After dealing with many head-aches from cross-fit related programs, and tension in my neck, I felt so much relief after a massage from Jordan! Jordan is very professional, and you can tell that she puts 110% into her business. Not only is Jordan a massage therapist, but she is a young entrepreneur as well, which I think is extremely important when it comes to finding a massage therapist. Many times, after finally liking a massage therapist within a company, I would come back a few months later to find out that the therapist has left to another place. Thankfully, under the care of Jordan, you know that you will have the same continuous care throughout!

Chantelle Beasley

Owner, Aradia Fitness

I’m a tradesman who works his body hard. My line of work means a lot of lifting and working at arms length and this has given me problems with my lower back. I have in the past took to a hot bath and used some A535- this only gives a minimum effect. If you have muscle soreness or strain you should really go see Jordan. She is highly professional and really unknots your aches and pains. If you think you do not have the time- make the time! You and your well being are worth it. Great work Jordan and thanks again.

Darren Kingstree

Plumber, Kingstree Plumbing

Jordan is such a sweet little thing it’s hard to believe what a wallop her massages pack!! But she is amazing! My husband, my daughter, and I have all frequented her table and all leave refreshed. My daughter is a high performance athlete, and the first time she felt relief from an ongoing injury was after Jordan’s massages! She is hard working, respectful, and so pleasant! She has also done all the work of getting direct billing from so many insurance companies it blows my mind! I am so happy I discovered Jordan’s massages and haven’t gone anywhere else since!

Joy Ronald

Spark the Branding Shop